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welcome to Somaliland Nurses and midwifery  Association



Brief About SLNMA

• The Somaliland Nursing and Midwifery Association (SLNMA), is a member led professional association established in November 16, 2004. The mandate of the Association is to act as both the The mandate of the Association is to act as both the professional organisation and a representative for the nurses and midwives by protecting, developing and building their capacity in order for them to deliver quality healthcare services


The Association’s core functions include:


 The promotion of quality care for patients Working with other bodies to ensure an              appropriate legal framework


 Developing and promoting professional standards and guidelines and guidelines

  Education and training for nurses and midwives

  Ensuring that issues of concerns to nurses and

  midwives are heard in policy and planning processes

_ Building the capacity of the Association

_ Research and development



The Mission of the SLNMA is to promote and ensure safe and equitable access of promotive,  preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care that targets the principles of primary health and the determinants of health to all citizens of Somaliland with special concern to vulnerable citizens of Somaliland with special concern to vulnerable groups, marginalized communities and individuals;

through the development of the nursing and midwifery professions to its full potential and efficient management  of the work force that fosters better working conditionsand living wages.


SLNMA  Vision

 is to ensure that through the application of graded educational programs, quality control  measures and humanitarian professional culture, ensure that health-care tasks are  provided by coordinated health teams withspecialized levels of skills that are responsive provided by coordinated health teams with specialized levels of skills that are responsive  to the changing needs of the Somaliland community, families and individuals at an  affordable cost that accommodates all socioeconomic strategy of the people.



 To facilitate the development of different levels of nurse training curriculums relevant to the changing trends of  community health needs and professional performance.

Develop and enforce the application of professional standards and quality control measures by service delivery standards and quality control measures by service delivery institutions, nurses, nurse training institutions and other disciplines working in partnership with the nurses.


Design and implement a qualitative output oriented monitoring and evaluation system for nursing education  institutions and service delivery institutions that is afoot with the changing trends in health care and nursing



Advocate for the rights of the student nurse, staff nurse, nurse educators and nurse-managers to  ensure that they are protected and their needs are met by employing institutions, gov’t and training institutions.institutions.


Design, implement and evaluate in-service-training and on-going education programs in collaboration  with the ministry of health to respond to transient changing health needs and professional updating requirements.




























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